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+ .:: Howzit goin'? ::. +

I have so many things I want to do, But I don't have enough time, and in the end I never want to do them. -_-

I like to draw... a LOT

My favorite video games are Pokemon Yellow, Pokemon: Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time, Super Mario 3D Land, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario 3D World,
Super Mario 64, Mario Kart 7 (I haven't got a Wii U so I can't play 8 ;A; ), SMB for NES/SNES, Super Smash Brothers 4, TLoZ Twilight Princess, Splatoon, Minecraft, Call of Duty (the cringe is real but I like it anyway), FNaF (but I don't talk about it), Undertale (but I don't talk about it), Fallout 4, Super Paper Mario, SMB Wii, SMB U, SMB 1/2, and I could go on for a lot longer.

I like to use both tablet and pencil,

Both Mediums are good to me.

Sometimes I use both in one picture. d(Vw.)b

Art is Love
Art is Life

Now that that's outta the way:

What's up? I'm Jasen, but you can call me


And as previously mentioned, I like to draw.

I also have a twin brother named Jalen. He's usually the guy you see with the Ushanka Cap on (The one with the flaps that look like a wiener dog's ears)

A little black boy, born and Raised from Milwaukee, WI. Just tryin' to keep my sketch book so full it'll beg me not to give it any more of the pencil.

I'm 17, and I currently go to a science school. (?)

My aspirations are to:

1) Finally finish a goddamn assignment on time
2) Go to an art college on either side of the U.S. (NY or CA)
3) Live my life as a freelance Animator/Graphic Designer.

I'm currently a junior, and I don't like a lot of the people at my school. There are a few who I could call friends, though.
But all that's just boring stuff. Let's get into the interesting stuff now.

I've been drawing since I was about 4, I haven't tried to get better until I was in about 2nd Grade, And I've been drawing digitally for almost a year now.

Literally, every drawing except my profile picture and my page doll were created on a crappy Panasonic Toughbook CF-51 (It's REALLY old but I still love it.) Which by the way was my first personal computer.
I recently bought myself a Lenovo G50-45. It's an upgrade, but It's still crappy. I use Paint Tool SAI and Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 with a Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch Medium.

My hobbies besides drawing are:

- Listening to music
- Sleeping (zzZ)
- Eating
- Playing Video Games

I like Pokemon, my favorite is Magikarp. When it enters a battle, It's immediately like, "Fuck You, I'm out and I'm takin my XP."

I like Mario, Sonic, MLP, and Homestuck. I also like FNaF and Undertale, but I only like the lighter side of the fandoms. I stay away from getting too deep, because when I do, I see things... things that were not meant to be seen by my eyes.

17 | Male | Scorpio | INFP-T | Hetero

Jesus Christ, I am just talking and Talking and Talking.

My birthday badge

Random Homestuck Monologue

A young man stands in his bedroom, it just so happens that today, the 28th of October, is this young man's birthday. Although it was 17 years ago he was given life, it is only today that he will be given a name. What will the name of this young man be?

Enter Name:

Dikhed Assfart

Try again asshead:

Jasen Roby


Your name is Jasen.
You have a variety of interests pertaining to the visual arts as well as Video Games, You like talking to friends, and drawing in your sketchbook in your free time. Lately You've been having vivid descriptions of animations you could possibly do, but you never feel like doing it. What will you do?

Jasen, go to computer.
You go to your computer. the time is 6:12 pm. Whew that's good. You've got some time to kill. You go to your deviantart to see that one of your friends is messaging you.

Jasen be KK.

You are now KK. You are an internet alias that Jasen designed to act as his online persona. He wishes he were you. You're so awesome. That's why he made you.

KK, answer friend.


How to art?

~ .:: + Meet the Artist + ::. ~ by CallMeKapkidSomewhere Over the Rainbow by CallMeKapkid11 Years by CallMeKapkid7 Years Old by CallMeKapkid

Poses challenge

I decided to do the 60 poses challenge I will strike out poses I have finished. I will be using full anatomy so I don't feel like I'm cheating. 1-50 are single person and 51-60 are two people. will be using Kapkid, Ninjalen and Katherine. Here goes..

1. Standing

2. Walking

3. Running

4. Falling

5. Tripping

6. Slipping

7. Falling on the butt.

8. Holding the head

9. Sitting with legs crossed.

10. Crouching

11. On their knees

12. Hugging their knees

13. Hands/Knees/Head on the ground(Deep apology pose).

14. Bowing

15. Salute

16. Looking up

17. Laying on the back

18. Laying on the stomach

19. On tiptoes

20. Hands and Legs spread apart.

21. Arms crossed

22. Climbing up

23. Climbing down

24. Hanging

25. Jumping

26. Landing

27. Crashing

28. Spinning

29. Swimming

30. Dancing

31. Punching

32. Kicking

33. Thrusting [.......:iconpervyplz:: ]

34. Shooting

35. Pushing

36. Pulling

37. Picking up/Holding something

38. Carrying something on back

39. Throwing

40. Catching

41. Taking a stance

42. Swaying

43. Pouncing

44. Looking over the shoulder

45. Handstand

46. On all fours

47. Summersault

48. Flip

49. Dodging

50. Stretching

51. Resting head on someone's lap

52. Holding (someone)

53. Piggyback

54. Carrying someone on shoulders

55. Playing leap frog

56. Two people dancing

57. Throwing someone over the shoulder

58. Brohug

59. Embracing

60. Kissing [ this will be hard for me... O___O ]

+ .:: Art Status ::. +

Requests - Friends Only by SweetDukeTrades - Open by SweetDukeNo Collaborations by SweetDukeCommissions - On Hold by SweetDukePoint Commissions - Open by SweetDukeGifts - Open by SweetDukeNo ACEOs by SweetDukeNo ACEOs by SweetDuke


Mar 29, 2017
6:30 pm
Mar 29, 2017
10:29 am
Mar 28, 2017
7:39 pm
Mar 28, 2017
9:51 am
Mar 22, 2017
12:37 pm


Jalen and I were scheduled to work throughout the week. We had to beg to get a day where neither of us worked. Lucky for us.
-1st Place
    >School of Visual Arts New York, NY

    >California College of the Arts

    >Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design

    >Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design
I wish I could time travel. The brony fandom was better when it first came out. It's okay now. But the writers strayed from their central focus and now I don't feel as into the show as I used to be. OOPS! Uhh.. *nervous smile to those who didn't know I'm a brony. heh heh.. hoooooooo.... *glances downward

+ .:: Let's just put everything out there shall we? ::. +

Touch them and I will see to it myself that you burn in hell.


Discord Fuckers WOOOO


If you wanna be on this list just pm me on discord and I'll send you an invite to my friend Plaguey's discord server.


Spoop .3.


My Inspirations


Got core back 

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